HOPESTAR P20 mini Bluetooth Speaker


Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 1MB148251



1. Bluetooth version: 5.1
2. Communication distance: 10 meters
3. Use time: 4-6 hours
4. Frequency effect: 80Hz-15KHz
5. Speaker: 57mm, 4 ohm, 10W*1
6. Input power: 5V 1A
7. Battery capacity: 2400mah
8. Audio signal input interface: standard 3.5mm headphone jack
9. Output power: 10W*1
10. IPX6 waterproof function
11. Hand rope design, easy to carry, can be hung on the backpack
12. Small size, does not take up space
13. When the two sets are interconnected, the left and right channels are automatically assigned
14. Size: 100x101x125mm